Domain Management & Registration

Binary Star can help with registering the perfect domain name for you or your business. Our trained advisors can talk you through the process and make it an extremely simple transaction. Once purchased, our experts can help you to seemlessly integrate your new domain name with services such as website hosting or email.

Picking a domain name is probably the most difficult part of the process, but we've included a few hints and tips below:

Picking the name - Ideally you are looking for an easy to remember, short and catchy domain name. You want to minimise the chance for error that occurs with long domain names. For example, Bigglesworth Envelopes and Packaging Emporium will want to avoid using their full name and should probably aim for a domain name such as or a catchy related phrase such

Checking Availiabilty - Unfortunately it is possible that your chosen domain name has already been taken, we can check this for and advise of potential alternatives, ie. instead of We could also explain the process of purchasing/transferring a domain that has been been previously registered.

Privacy - There are several options when it comes to registering a domain, but one of the most important decisions is whether you are looking for a private or public registration. By default, the registration is public, allowing anyone interested to see the name and address and some contact details associated with the domain. Private registrations avoid this (at a cost) and can therefore help avoid potential identitiy fraud/theft issues from having these details out there.

To find out more information, please call us on 0116 2427000.

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